Mission, Vision, and Core Values


HES Collective Commitments


  • We are committed to building and maintaining a positive culture and climate that promotes academic, behavioral, and emotional success for ALL students and staff.   

  • We are committed to building respectful relationships with ALL students, parents and colleagues in a learning environment by being proactive.

  • We are committed and determined to teach with a purpose, demonstrating respect, responsibility, and rigor.

  • We are committed to motivating students to invest in their education by communicating, collaborating, persevering and being resourceful.

  • We are committed to being professional, present, and engaged at ALL times. 

  • We are committed to fostering the Leader in each student through the use of the Leader In Me process.

  • We are committed to working in collaborative teams to support ALL students by planning lessons, delivering instruction, analyzing and effectively using data to increase student achievement and behavior.